by Iodine

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Once again, welcome to the City of Abyss, the megacity surrounded by a massive forest, the Shadow Hills! Some even say they're haunted... Twenty years after the events of "An Abyss at Nightfall" the city is facing a devastating dictatorship. Freedom of speech, individuality, literature and every art forms are being hunted by the regime. The filthy rich and supporters of this madness live in the new part of town, called Emporium, while everyone else is kept at a distance forced to feed the economic machine everyday or wander the streets. This is the story of a homeless man named Adam, the narrator, and the woman who changed his life forever, Izabel. Izabel was a young writer who opposed the regime with her books. Her mother, a famous performer known only as "The Chaos Swan", was murdered by the same reason Izabel had her face burned... Believing in Freedom! Her books were burned, her work exiled and her name erased, she became a ghost. Dying with cancer, Izabel and her revolutionary movement will fight the regime until the end. Although each song was written to explore a different theme, each of them tells a piece of Adam's and Izabel's story. The first time Adam meets Izabel and decides to join her (Metastasis), his thoughts in the lonely nights living in the streets (The Seer), his decision to take Izabel's place after her death (Darker Days, Brighter Nights) and his first step, as a leader, against the regime (Tempest / Dawn). How they connect is up to you. Use your imagination! Your mind is your greatest weapon. We hope you enjoy this new chapter in our story as much as we do!

Love, Iodine.


released January 5, 2014

All Songs recorded and produced by Iodine.
Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Estrada

Artwork by Tiago Cardoso
Photografy by João Matos



all rights reserved


Iodine Portugal

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Track Name: Metastasis
“Ignite a fire.” said the woman wearing a black mask. A fire within your minds to melt the shackles you’re forced to live with. Feel them, burning through your skin, and wake up from your silent sleep. Destroy them. They teach us to think that we live in freedom, teach us that we need to pay for bliss. You’re blind if you don’t see that we’re born inside a prison. Escape, never compromise. Once you are able to open your eyes acknowledge that we, we are the world, not them. Not some statute of a martyr paid with blood, not some technological comfort or artificial happiness paid with deceit. And we are dying, being rapidly swallowed by the abyss. “Her voice was deep, deep as the ocean, and each word followed the beat of our hearts.” “So I beg you, act don't react. Fill your lungs with that fire and don't be afraid to shout: Resist, revolt, rebel and rise, move away from their shadows and retake our lives. Revolution! Resist and rise! Never compromise!”
Track Name: The Seer
I had wings, golden wings like a god and always knew how to fly. I could walk above water and keep all the stars inside a vessel. I was infinite. I owned a universe and never knew it. I've been such a fool and all was taken from me. Never say “never”. Now I finally understand. Everyone is the same, with dead hearts to feel and blind eyes to see. This is how we’re made. And I tried, I tried to run away! But it came, spreading out of my control. I've been such a fool... Dark ornament, cursed treasure, the legacy of bitterness. We are made to fail, made to fall. Now I finally understand.
Track Name: Darker Days, Brighter Nights
They won’t take our dreams and ideals or destroy our souls now that the sun is setting. Days were created to confine us all in a perpetual routine making it easier to control us, force us to build their grotesque light towers, leading us to destruction and failure. What’s your excuse this time to let them choose our path? What´s your excuse this time to waste your life again? They can’t see through darkness like we do. They’ll never see like we do. Fall damned empire, this isn’t how we were meant to live. I will not waste my life.
Track Name: Tempest/Dawn
Is this the end or a new beginning? Did our lives become unclear about everything that matters? How long will it take for us to destroy ourselves? Every one of us is an answer. Believe, as long as our fire burns, as long as we remember, we will never die. We will create a new order and march against what remains to destroy. We are not slaves, weak machines build to obey. The wind screams and rain punishes these old streets, crowded with moral graveyards, as light rises on the horizon. We are not afraid anymore. Our voices united sound like a storm and the world is looking up confused, while we shout: “As long as our fire burns we will never die.”