An Abyss at Nightfall

by Iodine

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released April 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Iodine Portugal

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Track Name: Silent King
Now that you die in me,
And your steps, even your words
Ceased to inhabit the old forest house.
I wonder if the march of sounds, at night, seeing that we were dressed with the same skin, nailed to the wet floor, starving of burning between roots and shadows,
Would stop waiting for dawn?
And i saw you distant when you left, but you never said no.
One day you will return, eternal, through the path of beasts
Just to sit in the word you’ve learned
And the chair of bones i’ve become.
Track Name: Chaos Swan
No more faces,
Today I scream until my teeth bleed.
This is a revolution that will drag silhouettes and bones,
The first poetry of a blade.
My dark heart will explode and its fire will burn us all with the feeling we were already dead.
Gather your old smiles and attack me.
Move forth, show me a legion.
Corpses, I will swallow mountains and rebuild giants.
Move forth, dead conversations,
I am a fortress.
If my dark heart explodes its fire will burn us all.
Track Name: Monsters of Free Will
"And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Track Name: Aurora's Thief
I am the sun below the horizon, torn flesh by your warm light.
Alone, they run away from me. All lines of sight run away from me.
Bring all your birds and all your wolves, it´s going to be a beautiful death.
Now everyone will know…
I still wish to drink your sorrow, be a lover to your dark rivers over mournful lands.
Yes, my hands are tight around your neck.
I am the sun below the horizon.
I like my hands tight around you neck.
Stop breathing, it’s almost dawn. You’re safe with me after the flood.
We are the night.